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Grave Concerns Association Meeting Minutes
Feb 28, 2011

Grave Concerns Association Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 28, 2011

4:30 P.M., OptumHealth Pierce RSN




Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Laurel Lemke, Chairperson


  1. I. Call to Order

  1. II. Introductions/Attendance/Approval of minutes from last meeting.

Minutes were approved. Joy Henderson agreed to take minutes for this meeting.

Attendance: Laurel Lemke, Michael Hardie, Chris Wolpert, Becky Huber,  Carla Wutz, Lynn Stagg,  Joy Henderson, Geoff Piper , Dan Lasham.


  1. III. Treasurer’s Report:

ACU Account:            Savings: $50.01; Checking: $7,359.48

Western State Hospital Account:      $233.35

Need to resubmit invoice for $400 from the Greater Puget Sound consumer Coalition

Laurel paid hosting fee for website hosting. Reimbursement about $20.00.


  1. IV. Vice Chair’s Report: Carol Slaughter (excused). Marker order update: the remaining known markers from the perimeter project have been ordered. Carla Wutz. Carla made colored copies of her work on the perimeter project. $71.00 reimbursement needed. Michael moved, Becky seconded the motion.

  1. V. Old Business
  2. Modern Woodmen Matching Funds Fundraiser at Joseppi’s March 21: Chris Wolpert (subcommittees and/or assignments).


  1. Horace Hinds Civil War marker: Laurel Lemke. The marker was ordered by the family last year, but did not arrive at Western State Hospital.  Laurel asked David Riggs to help follow up with the family about locating the marker, so it could hopefully be placed by the Civil War Reenactment Event April 30 to May 1 in Fort Steilacoom Park.


  1. Database: Carla Wutz (Request for reimbursement of printing costs) Carla made colored copies of her work on the perimeter project. $71.00 reimbursement needed. Michael moved, Becky seconded the motion.

D. Kiosk repair:  The Lakewood Parks and Recreation Department repaired the kiosk which collapsed during the late November windstorm.


E. Parks Appreciation Day: April 16, 2011. 40 stones ready to be placed.


F.   Becky Huber announced that Carla Wutz was recognized by Heritage Association at the February annual meeting in the “Individual Category” for 260 hours of volunteering.


  1. New Business
  2. Banner: We want to make a banner before Woodsman Fundraiser at Joseppi’s. 6’ or smaller 6x3 with logo name and website. Doing the remarkable. Suggestion for name tags with the Grave Concerns logo?


  1. Flag Pole. We need clips on flag pole repaired. Rosemary recommended asking assistance from David Riggs, Mountain View Cemetery Superintendent.


  1. Christ Lutheran Weekend of Compassion: May 14 to 15. They will help with needed projects, e.g. change the display in the kiosk, install markers, or help with grave grooming.


  1. NAMI Walk May 14. Michael Hardie and OptumHealth staff will be at this event. Grave Concerns is interested in volunteers to do grave grooming or walk.


  1. Civil War Reenactment, April 30 to May1, Fort Steilacoom Park. Possible activities: dedicate marker of Horace Hinds, share information about Chester Cooley, offer coffee for donation in cemetery.


  1. Release of Kris Reisinger’s Cemeteries of Tacoma, mid June or July to be in conjunction with the Tacoma Historical Society tour of Tacoma Cemetery. Grave Concerns may consider a possible book signing event with Kris.


  1. Heritage Society Heritage Happens month, September 10, 2011. Becky and Laurel reported that we have the opportunity to be part of a county wide month long event. We can invite people to participate during the Installation Day planned for Saturday, September 10 (which is also living history day at historic Fort Steilacoom). We also have the opportunity to be part of a history exhibit at the Puyallup Fair and provide volunteer docents for the event.


  1. Traveling display: Meg Justus. We are looking into getting a traveling display and grant.


  1. Committee Reports:
  • Event Planning Committee: Rosemary Chaput
  • Historical Committee: Laurel Lemke/Carla Wutz/Joy Henderson. We spent a few weekends sorting and organizing records for Grave Concerns.
  • Research Committee: Carol Slaughter/Becky Huber/Carla Wutz
  • Fundraising Committee:  Donations for the Fundraiser; Rosemary-Jewelry, Timeshare: Laurel will contact John Lowry, Michael- tea basket, Shannon Krueger- Sensaria natural products, Chris (Modern Woodman) Entertainment or stereo, Carol-bags and many more.
  • Volunteer Coordinator/Committee: Michael Hardie /Carla Wutz. We need a list of volunteers by March 21st. A list was created and passed around for volunteer sign up. PeaceOut, Inc. will be at the fundraiser to assist with hosting and bussing tables.
  • Publicity Committee: Laurel Lemke, Karen Young, Geoff Piper
  • Website, Brochure, Folding display board, Laurel Lemke
  • Bylaws: Joy Henderson. Bylaws were found and retyped. Will be shared with committee volunteers Karen Young and Margaret Brammall.



  • Next Meeting Monday April 11, 2011, 5:30 p.m. at the Historic Fort Steilacoom quarters two.
  • Presentation to Steilacoom Kiwanis Club on Thursday, March 17, 7:00 a.m.
  • The final statewide ROI meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 23rd at the SeaTac Holiday Inn, Queen Ann Room. We will be meeting from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and lunch will be provided. RSVP to Laurel by March 14.
  • Upcoming presentation at Lakewood Historical Society



Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

In March we will be involved at the Joseppi’s fundraiser on Monday, March 21.

Next meeting in April, will be held on April 9 to precede Parks Appreciation Day on Saturday April 16.