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Grave Concerns Association Meeting Minutes
July 18, 2011

Grave Concerns Association Meeting


Historic Fort Steilacoom, Quarters 2



Present: Joe Lewis, Rosemary Chaput, April Prey; Carol Slaughter, Carla Wutz, Laurel Lemke, and Chris Wolpert.


Absent (excused): Henrietta Schwartzentraub, Michael Hardie, Becky Huber, Kris Reisinger,


Approval of June Minutes: Moved and accepted.  There is a correction on page 3.


Agenda of Agenda: Moved and accepted.


Treasurer’s Report:

ACU 7,645.07 in checking

20.00 To be deposited

7,665.07 Total


President’s Report:


On July 4, 2011, Laurel and Karen Meyer toured Steilacoom Tribal Museum.  Laurel asked Danny Marshall if the tribe would be interested in participating in Remembrance Day on September 10, 2011 or other events.


On July 15, 2011, Laurel and Carla toured Tacoma Cemetery.  The Living History Cemetery Tour has reenactors for historic people in Tacoma.  The eight people were Nelson Bennett and his wife, Lotti Bennett; Franklin Gault; Bertha Snell; John G. Proctor; Chauncey Griggs; Charles Trench; and Elwood J. Bouffiou.


While at Tacoma Cemetery Tour Kris Reisinger was selling her book, Cemeteries of Tacoma.  Laurel also talked with Bill Habermann, funeral director working with Oakwood Hill Cemetery regarding the cremated remains that have been requested from Finland.  They are following a multiple step process to see that the remains arrive in Finland intact, including documentation and changing the canister.


Vice Chair Report:


On June 29, 2011, Carol supervised 40 youth volunteers from Lakewood First Baptist Church.  They were able to place 27 stones.  Carol had them use the map to find the stones, use the template to spray paint around, dig the holes, place the stones, and fill in around the stone.


Since the group was rather large, some youth were dedicated to grave grooming.  The grave groomers completed two rows.  They cleaned the new stones, if one was there, or groomed around the old stones.


Carol was over at the cemetery prior to the meeting and obtained 18 more grave numbers to order for September 10.  She will obtain more grave numbers during the Dog-a-thon, for October 22, 2011.


Volunteer Coordinator:


Michael could not attend meeting.  We did, however, fill out the form for hours this month.  The month being between meeting dates.


Database Committee:


Carla is still waiting to work with Patti Becker to help proofread data.  Carla forgot the login name for the web page so no new updates could be made.  However, she talked with Steve Desilets. and was given the information needed and can now proceed with the updates.  When finished updating the web page she will update the map by working backwards from most recent dig.


Event Planning Committee:


July 23, 2011, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Carol, Rosemary and Laurel will be at Dog-a-thon to hand out dog biscuits and flyers regarding the cemetery.  Rosemary will pick up dog biscuits, make sure water is turned on, that there are picnic tables nearby, and have plastic bags for dog droppings.


No events in August.


September 10, 2011, Remembrance Day.  Carol will obtain grave numbers by flag pole rather than in back section.  Do we want a ROTC color guard?  Chris of MWA will check with a Boy Scout leader he knows and see if they can assist.  Laurel suggested that we invite the Steilacoom Indian Tribe.


October 22, 2011, Make a Difference Day, 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  Not much was planned on this day so far.


Publicity Committee:


Brochures—Laurel and Kris Reisinger. The project has not been completed.


Web page—Steve D.


Folding board—Carla and Christine Wutz fixed.  Needed four hands.


By-Laws Committee:




Old Business:


Summerfest—great job.  Carla, Rosemary Laurel, and April Prey volunteered in the Lakewood Historical Society booth with Becky Huber.  Henrietta took photos of the ceremonial presentation of the $4,000 by Chris Wolpert.  Rosemary and Kim had a separate photo opportunity. Rosemary and Laurel prepared a display board for the event, the photos were presented to Chris Wolpert.  Rosemary and Kim had a separate photo op.


Vicki Reed from Mountain View was out at the cemetery on June 29 and again on July 4, 2011, cleaning around the stones (old and new).  She completed two and one quarter rows on the June 29 and an additional two rows on the July 4.  She also let Carla know she could not find two stones.


A Certificate of Appreciation was suggested for the following people or organizations:


PeaceOut, Inc.

Lakewood First Baptist Church

Joeseppi’s Italian Ristorante

Mountain View Memorial Park, Funeral Home and Crematory

Vicki Reed

Historical Fort Steilacoom

Modern Woodmen of America


Puyallup Fair—Historical Museum, different groups can have an artifact. Need to let Karen Haas know what dates we will be planning on by July 20, 2011.  Dates decided on were Sept 17-19, 2011.


New Business:


Joe mentioned the Lakewood Lodging Tax and that money is available, however, there is a need to fill out a 13 page application.  Joe will e-mail the information to Laurel.  Laurel and April Prey will work on that in the next several days.


A discussion was held about the triangular space at the cemetery which is not used, but was originally enhanced by Jim Senko and Richard Chiaravalloti. It could be used to plant flowers (not invasive ones) or lavender (clip it back and sell it).  Whichever one is done have to think about the maintenance.


A discussion was held about the pedestrian gate at the cemetery.  Laurel receives several emails from visitors saying they came to visit, but the gate is locked.  Is there a way to secure the gate, but not have it look like it is locked?  Maybe post a welcome sign.


Next year’s possible work parties.  May is Mental Health Month.  October is Mental Illness Month.  November is Recovery Month.


A discussion was held on business cards.  Can a generic card to available to GCA folks?  We would write our name on the card.



Grave Concerns Association

c/o Western State Hospital

9601 Steilacoom Blvd S.W.

Lakewood, WA  98498






Lakewood Historical Society is having tours of Villa Madera on July 31, 2011. Tickets are $50.00 and include the following:  wine, nibble on hors dourness, listen to 1920s music, while touring, beautiful landscaping, architecture, and (1920’s costumes optional). Tours are guided.


The Villa Madera was originally 20 acres; however, it has been reduced to 3 acres. This house (mansion) is also known as the house that Linda Evans lived in.


Joe Lewis, with Historic Fort Steilacoom, announced that on July 24, 2011, a program on Private Douge will be presented. Private Douge climbed Mount Rainier in 1880s.




Next meeting on August 8, 2011, at Carol and Al Slaughter’s house on Vashon Island. Pot luck meal.  Choice of 4:35 or 5:30 ferry.  Walk on and Carol will meet us at the Vashon side.




Minutes by Carla Wutz, Secretary Pro Temp



Reviewed by Laurel Lemke, Chair



Approved August 8, 2011 with some corrections